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Loading SliQ Invoicing Backups

How to load backups

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Backup Loading Instructions

Although the SliQ Invoicing file formats can change when a new major version is released, e.g. the V3 format is different to V2 and V2 is different to V1, each new version can load backups created in the previous version so that you can always restore your old invoicing data into the newest version.

There are a number of ways of restoring a backup:-

1. You can open the main SliQ menu by clicking the round icon at the top left of the package and choosing the Company->Restore ... menu option.

2. If you do not have a file open in SliQ, the No Company Open dialog will be showing (see the pic. at the top of this page). If this dialog is open, press the Restore from a Backup button.

3. The third option for restoring a backup is to go to the Setup tab and press the Restore button in the Backup group in the toolbar.

Whichever way you choose to restore a SliQ backup, the the Restore Backup dialog will be displayed ...

SliQ Restore Backup Dialog


Note: By default the backup dialog will only show backups from the current version. To make the dialog show files from older versions, change the value of the dropdown on the bottom right, just above the Open button ...

Backup Version Selector

Then choose the backup file you wish to restore from and press Open.

Note: A SliQ backup file contains all the data for a company - all the invoices, quotes etc. - but it does not contain your custom templates as these are global to all your companies. To copy your templates from an old version of SliQ to a new version of SliQ, go to the PC where you were using the old copy of SliQ and copy the customtemplates folder to your latest version on your new PC. If you are moving from V1, the folder will be:

My Documents\SliQ\customtemplates

and from V2:

My Documents\SliQInvoicing\customtemplates

To use the templates in V3, copy the contents of the above folders to:

My Documents\SliQInvoicing3\customtemplates

on your current PC.

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