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How to access SliQ data from more than one PC

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Networking Instructions

SliQ Invoicing Plus can save and open company files containing invoicing data to/ from a shared folder accessible over a network.

This will allow invoicing data for a company to be accessed by several user's PCs on a network.

Note: Although the company file in a shared folder is accessible on multiple computers, only one user can open the file at a time. If a user is already accessing the file, either to view or edit invoices, any other users who try to access the file will receive a warning from SliQ Invoicing that the file may already be opened by a different user.

To use SliQ Invoicing over a network you need to do three things:-

1. Place the SliQ company file in a shared folder accessible to the computers over a network.

2. Install SliQ Invoicing onto each user's PC. A separate purchase/ unlock code will be required for each user's PC.

3. Copy any custom templates you've made into SliQ's customtemplates folder on each user's PC.

Note: If you have edited templates for a company, it is important to copy the custom templates to each user's PC that will use the company file on the network. If a user's PC does not have a copy of the templates, SliQ will use the predefined, default templates when printing or emailing invoice, quotes etc. from that user's PC.

For information on where SliQ stores company files and custom templates and how to copy or save company files to non-default locations, see SliQ Invoicing Data Location.

See also: Invoice Data Storage Location

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