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Invoice Template Editor

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Template Editor Overview

SliQ Invoicing Plus includes a friendly, easy to use invoice designer that lets you open up one of the many predefined, professional invoice templates supplied in the invoice software and freely edit it to suit your business.

For example, you may want to include more company branding information or accreditation or certificate logos. You can also move elements around the template and add new fields, hooking them to the values stored in SliQ's customer and product database.

A flexible invoice designer like the one we include in our billing software will be essential to your billing needs. Most user say that editing invoice templates using our in-built template editor is actually fun! You'll soon find the template editor indispensible, e.g. if you have to edit the template so it suits your own company headed paper.

To edit a template, all you need do is select the template on SliQ's Template Setup tab and press the Edit button. Select the item you want to change, edit the properties then press the Save & Close button.

Editing an invoice template

Our invoicing software lets you make as many templates as you like and use different templates with specific invoices or quotes.

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