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Emailing Invoices

Email invoices to save time getting the invoice to the customer and getting paid

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Email invoices to save time getting paid

SliQ Invoicing lets you easily email invoices (as well as quotes and statements) to your customers.

All you need do is select the invoice in SliQ and click the Email button to automatically create a PDF of the invoice and attach it to an email.

To save you time typing out emails, SliQ even includes an email
template editor to let you set up standard emails including cc and bcc email addresses.

Bulk Email Invoices

Using an SMTP server, you can easily bulk email invoices, quotes or statements to customers.

Enabling the SMTP Email option in SliQ lets you email all unsent invoices in a single mouse-click.

If you have set up a set of recurring invoices, then SliQ will automatically raise the invoices when they become due and you can send all the invoices by email in a single operation.

Email Options in SliQ Invoicing

On its Setup tab, SliQ provides a number of email sending options.

If you want to use the bulk emailing features in SliQ Invoicing, you need to select the Send using SMTP option.

Invoice Email Options