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Customer Statements

In three clicks, bulk email statements to customers who owe you money

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Customer Statement Features

SliQ Invoicing lets you quickly raise and send statements to customers. Two types of statement are supported - an Open Items statement that shows all unpaid invoices for a specific customer and a Date Range statement that shows all transactions (invoices and payments) in a specified date range.

Using the handy Statement Wizard, you can easily send statements to groups of customers, e.g. everyone who's overdue on payment or simply every customer who owes you any money at all.

Each of the customer statement types shows an ageing report of how long money has been owed to remind late payers just how long they are overdue.

Customer Statement Wizard

Customer Statement Wizard

The Customers & Statements tab in SliQ shows at a glance how much each customer owes you.

If a customer is overdue payment, SliQ automatically shows the customer in red.

customer balances

Customers & Statements

By clicking on a customer in the list, you can easily see the outstanding invoice balances for the customer. By clicking the Email button in the toolbar you can quickly email a statement to an overdue customer.

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Bought 2 days ago and it's brilliant. The invoice editor is incredibleJackson, JMods

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