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Setting new Tax Rates

How to set new tax rates in SliQ Invoicing

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Tax Rate Instructions

To change the tax rates SliQ uses when editing invoices and quotes, select the Tax Rates (or VAT Rates) tab under the main Setup tab as shown in the picture below.

Note: If you have edited the tax name in SliQ, the name of the tab may be slightly different and will reflect your chosen tax name.

Setting tax rates

Up to 5 tax rates can be entered. By default three tax rates are enabled but the fourth and fifth rates can also be enabled if required.

The highest numbered, enabled tax rate will be the default tax rate used when adding items to invoices. For example, in the picture above, 17.5% will be the default rate selected.

Note: Changing the tax rates on this page DOES NOT affect the rates already assigned to your existing invoices, quotes, credit notes and products.

See also: Changing the Tax Name, Setting a Currency Symbol

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