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Billing Software Overview

SliQ Invoicing is a professional but affordable solution for any business looking to improve its billing process. Containing invoicing and billing features contained in packages costing several times as much, SliQ manages to include flexibility, for example in allowing invoice templates to be edited, as well as still being very easy to use. Read on for a summary of the billing features included in our software package:

Raise Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotes plus more...

As well as being able to raise invoices, SliQ Invoicing can also handle credit notes, quotes , delivery notes, purchase orders. SliQ can also produce customer statements with ageing reports. Some less powerful packages will let you produce invoices, but without the capability to raise credit notes or memos and quotes, you'll soon struggle to manage the sales side of your business.

Convert between Invoices and Quotes or Quotes and POs

SliQ can even convert from one document to another. For example, if you raise a quote and the quote gets accepted by your customer, you can create an invoice from the quote using a single button click.

Track payments, show overdue Invoices, find unpaid Invoices

SliQ lets you easily record payments against invoices as well as find out who still owes money and which of your invoices are overdue, i.e. haven't been paid within the terms of the invoice.

Edit Invoice Templates, Add your own Logo

Working with a fixed billing template imposes too many restrictions for most business. For example, if you want to add quality or accreditation logos to your templates or include details of special offers you are currently running, then it is essential you can edit your document templates. SliQ lets you freely edit the predefined templates. You can change the templates for all supported document types - from invoices to purchase orders. Also, you can associate specific templates with specific customers and even associate a template with a specific invoice or quote.

Automatic or Recurring Billing

If you have customers who pay by subscription, e.g. they pay monthly installments on a car purchase, or they pay a monthly maintenance fee for website development, SliQ can make your invoicing easier by providing a recurring invoice feature. Simply input the initial invoice, set the recurring period and then SliQ will automatically raise the invoices when due. All you need then do is print off or email the invoices to the customer.

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